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Explosion Protection Specialist Increases International Reach With New Service Partner

BS&B Safety Systems are pleased to announce that they have become an international service partner with RICO, the Swiss based manufacturers of explosion protection solutions.

BS&B will now be supplying and recommending the use of RICO explosion isolation valves. As well as a service partnership, it will be a technological partnership as by joining their respective explosion prevention expertise, they aim to deliver even more efficient explosion solutions for international clients.

BS&B’s highly advanced control panels can accommodate RICO valves into their technology and trigger their implementation after ignition of combustible substances in process equipment.  RICO valves offer a superb containment function that complements BS&B’s detection, venting and suppression solutions. The combination of technologies extends the protection possibilities for the customer.

BS&B and RICO’s joint solutions are particularly useful for industries which process substances with high ignition and explosive capability that can rapidly fuel an explosion throughout interconnected equipment. Relevant areas of application include: pharmaceutical, wood processing, grain and milling, chemical, petrochemical, silos, drying chambers, separators and extraction systems, amongst others.  If not managed correctly, such ignition events could destroy equipment, and in the worst cases, entire process facilities.

Kevin Spiess, EMEA Sales Manager for BS&B Safety Systems says: “Our partnership with RICO is very welcome. Between BS&B’s strong global network, and RICO’s expertly designed isolating protection products, both companies will collaborate to offer a full global service. We look forward to implementing effective and outstanding solutions for our joint clients world-wide.”

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