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Extreme Condition Tube Connection System

The multi-part steel flare fittings are part of the STAUFF Connect range which was developed for the detachable connection of tubes. They consist of fitting bodies, cone adapters with O-rings, support sleeves and union nuts and they are suitable for all common metric outer tube diameters from 6 to 42 mm.

Flare fittings allow leak-free and pull-out proof connection of tubes with a 37° flare in line with DIN 3949, with the threaded fittings with 24° cone in line with ISO 8434-1. They are primarily used in hydraulic systems where previously complicated welding connections had to be used for safety reasons.

Suitability for a permitted rated pressure up to 500 bar (in the Light Series) and up to 630 bar (in the Heavy Series) allows application even under extreme conditions.

As with all connectors from the STAUFF Connect range, all components are designed for the rated pressure with a quadruple safety factor, i.e. under static stress tests the bursting pressure has to be at least 4 times higher than the stated pressure value.

The elastomer seals on the contact points of the 37° flare fitting permanently increase the sealing effect even under vibrations and pressure fluctuations. The useful life of the components is increased by a high-quality zinc nickel coating which sets new standards in the area of corrosion protection. Areas of application are e.g. press engineering, ship building/offshore and mobile hydraulics.

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