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Extreme Environment Gas Flow Measurement Capability Developed

Morgan Advanced Materials, an industry-leading specialist in the design and manufacture of sensing technology solutions, now has the capability to develop gas flow transducers which remain accurate in harsh environments subject to extreme temperatures and the presence of highly corrosive chemicals.

Drawing on its extensive knowledge and experience in gas transducer technology used within a range of applications, Morgan has surpassed industry standards by producing sensors which are operational within an even greater range of temperature extremes than ever before. For instance, its latest gas flow transducers can now work within a temperature range of -50ºC to 250ºC (-58°F and 482°F). This greater tolerance to extreme temperatures and harsh environments, i.e. those which are likely to experience variances in gas flow, makes Morgan transducers ideal for use within oil and gas exploration as well as bulk gas meters for industrial applications. In addition, Morgan’s capability within very low temperature sensing means that it has been able to test and measure the flow of cryogenic fluids down to -175°C (-283°F).

These developments will enable Morgan to respond to a growing market demand for compact sensors which remain extremely accurate, to within 0.1%, irrespective of harsh environmental conditions. Morgan’s selection of materials are both extremely thermally stable and corrosion resistant, enabling transducers to operate under high temperature as well as in the presence of aggressive gaseous acids. Perhaps more significant, however, is Morgan’s groundbreaking work in minimising zero flow offset, which ensures a superb level of calibrating transducers accordingly in response to fluctuations in temperature. Within the next few months, this capability will enable Morgan to deliver standard solutions for the wider industrial market or, indeed, for any other application where there is a requirement to accurately measure large quantities of high temperature fluids or gas.

Charles Dowling at Morgan Advanced Materials, commented: “This enhanced capability will enable us to better serve our customer base by ensuring we can provide solutions to meet all requirements. In addition to a standard range of gas transducers that are currently in the pipeline, the possibility of designing custom solutions for niche applications, in a range of materials, is now very much a reality. By continuing to push the boundaries, we aim to support our customers in overcoming their most pressing engineering challenges.”

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