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Extreme Pipeline Identification Testing Proves a Success

What is routine for Silver Fox is exceptional for others. The most recent independent UV ageing tests undertaken by Silver Fox clearly illustrate this point. Whereas, if tested at all, manufacturers will test their pipeline ID tape for maybe 500 hours of accelerated UV. Silver Fox’s Endurance® Pipeline Identification tape, has been successfully tested for 6500 hours.  That is nearly 9 months of continual testing, against just 20 days (500 hours).

Identification and labelling is a low priority job for many, but still extremely important. Silver Fox understands this and also understands that once applied, the longevity of the ID tape not only saves time and money on replacements/maintenance, but also supports possible health and safety issues – such as visible marking.

This is why they use the best material and then extensively and independently test their solutions. 6500 hours of accelerated UV is equivalent to approximately 9.75 – 13 years external use in Northern European conditions, and 5.4 – 6.5 years in Tropical Regions.

The thoroughness of Silver Fox is also demonstrated by the depth of the testing. 32 different colours were tested to monitor and measure the effect of UV on each of the colours over time. The results even after 6500 hours  showed all colours were clearly visible and the adhesion of the tape was also excellent.

Silver Fox have also independently tested Endurance Pipe ID tape for H2S, Salt Mist Spray, Moisture Resistance, and both High and Low temperatures. All of these tests have shown the quality of the materials used reflected by the test results.

Silver Fox’s Pipeline Identification tape fully complies with British Standards 1710 and 4800, which are health and safety related. BS 1710 states that all pipes must be marked with the substance transported through them and in some cases, direction of flow. This, along with the accompanying BS 4800 colour chart, defines the colour range that needs to be used. Silver Fox’s Endurance pipeline ID tape also meets the international colour standard ISO14726: ‘Ships and Marine Technology – Identification colours for the content of Piping Systems’ and the ASME (ANSI) A13.1 2007 North American Pipe Marking Standard.

All Silver Fox Pipeline ID tape is bespoke to the customer. They have the freedom to stipulate the requirements needed for their individual needs. The Pipeline ID tape is self-adhesive, so therefore quick to apply, saving customers time.

Time into Profit‘We are delighted with how well our products are performing in these tests. 6500 hours accelerated UV is an exceptionally demanding test and our Pipeline ID tape performed extremely well. We recognise the needs and expectations of our customers in the oil and gas industry and without question the results from these tests demonstrate that Endurance lives up to its name.’ said Allan Woodhams, Pipeline Sales Manager at Silver Fox. ‘It is important to go the extra mile with testing, to make sure your products are a grade above the rest. Silver Fox pipeline ID tape meets the British Standards, but what defines the product is this UV Stable testing result, along with previous results from the Independent Testing Laboratories.’

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