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Fibre Optic Temperature Solutions for Power Plants and Grids

Due to the growing demand of energy, existing power plants and grids are stretched to their limits. To ensure operational safety, critical factors such as temperature has to be monitored in generators and transformers. High power generators are often filled with hydrogen in order to cool effectively. Besides the heavily contaminated electromagnetic environment the risk for explosions is high.

Optocon AG in Germany offers a variety of fibre optic temperature measuring devices, fibre optic temperature sensors and accessories for temperature monitoring in oil-filled power transformers. You can enjoy all the benefits of the fibre optic measurement principle. The outer jacket of the fibre optic temperature sensor is made out of PTFE, at the sensor tip a GaAs-crystal (gallium arsenide) is attached. The GaAs based technology is ideal for smart grid temperature monitoring in transformers. The sensor is completely non-conductive. Optocon”s fibre optic temperature sensors offer complete immunity to RFI and EMI emissions with high temperature operating capability, intrinsic safety, and non-invasive use. The fibre optic temperature sensors are also designed to withstand harsh and corrosive environments.

Starting at a light wave length of 850nm/Kelvin. The measurement device contains a light source and a device for spectral detection of the band gap. These guarantee fast, repeatable and reproducible measurements.

Signal Conditioner for Temperature Measurement
The FOTEMP temperature signal conditioners are user-friendly and easy to operate. The high system accuracy of +/-0,2°C as well as fast sampling rate per channel offer reliable real-time temperature results. With our wide portfolio of signal conditioners a versatile usage is possible, e.g. the FOTEMP1-H allows walk-as-you-go temperature validation of the transformer assembly. Our FOTEMP transformer device is specifically adapted to the requirements of temperature measurement in the transformer. FOTEMPTrafo provides reliable results with an excellent accuracy. It is equipped with standard analogue outputs, Modbus, RS232 and RS485 to allow quick and easy integration into existing communication networks.

Fibre Optic Temperature Sensors
The fibre optic temperature sensor provides accurate, stable and repeatable measurement results. Optocon”s sensors offer complete immunity to RFI, EMI, NMR and microwave radiation with high temperature operation capability, intrinsic safety and non-invasive use. The TSNano temperature sensor stands out for its miniature size and can be self assembled with the NANO-Kit. The spacer provides a simple, fast and non-adhesive attachment of the sensor directly between the windings. Thereby the protection of the sensor is guaranteed and so perfect measurement results are possible.

Useful Accessories
These optical feedthroughs are specially designed for installation on tank walls and oil transformers. They have a leak-proof interface and require no maintenance. On both sides are standard ST connectors. There are no moving parts or loose optical cables. They can withstand up to max. 16bar (200psi). The stainless steel tank wall plate is installed outside the transformer wall and to protect and guard the fibre optic measurement assembly. The rough extension cables can be used on all fibre optic temperature probes.

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