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Fibre-optic Amplifier Offers Easy-to-operate Stable Detection With No Maintenance

Omron Automation and Safety offers the E3X-HD fibre-optic sensor amplifier for ultra-stable presence/absence and inspection applications in space-confined sensing locations. With simple, one-button smart tuning for sensor threshold and light intensity, the E3X-HD is exceedingly easy to operate. It’s Smart Power Control feature automatically compensates for LED-aged deterioration, dust/grime build-up and mechanical vibration by detecting decreases in light intensity and incident level. The E3X-HD also compensates for large and low-reflectance dark targets, eliminating the need for operators to stock multiple sensor types for each condition. The result is ultra-stable performance with maintenance-free operation in even the most challenging conditions.

“The E3X-HD’s dual digital display enables easier alignment, faster maintenance and smarter troubleshooting,” said Kristen Chonowski, Product Marketing Manager at Omron. “With selectable power and response times, timer options and more at your fingertips, the E3X-HD has become the go-to for general purpose fibre solutions.”

The E3X-HD amplifier can be combined with any of Omron’s nearly 500 E32-series sensing heads for a custom solution to fit a wide range of space and distance needs. Fibre head options include a variety of shapes and specialty heat-, chemical/oil- and vacuum-resistant fibres. The E3X-HD can also be gang mounted (up to 30 units) to build a sensor input block that communicates over EtherCAT and CompoNet networks. Additionally, the increased power efficiency of its GIGA RAY II and improved circuit design reduce power consumption by 25% vs. conventional models.

Key features of Omron’s E3X-HD include:

•    Fingertip smart tuning for sensor threshold and light intensity
•    Simple setting of optimum power and threshold
•    Dual digital display for easy confirmation of settings and status
•    Automatic compensation for deteriorating conditions, large and low-reflectance dark targets
•    Incident level and threshold level to 9999
•    EtherCAT and CompoNet high-speed open network communication interfaces

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