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Filter Housings for Challenging Applications

filters challenging applications

Amazon Filters specialises in the fabrication of high quality filter housings for clients operating within safety-critical and challenging applications which place high demands on the vessel design and production finish.

https://www.processindustryinformer.com/rapid-growth-of-pharmaceutical iot software and services/Drawing upon the extensive expertise and experience of highly skilled craftsmen, Amazon Filters is renowned for its high standard of welding and fabrication using both manual and automated weld processes.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding produces a top-quality filter housing, especially using the stainless steel and special alloys that Amazon Filters specialises in. This process requires a high degree of skill and dexterity to produce sound, clean, smooth and visually appealing welds consistently and to drawing specification.

In manufacturing their extensive range of filter housings – Amazon Filters use the latest 3D modelling techniques to supply fully documented and certified bespoke designs.

The Amazon Filters design team is fully conversant with the increasing technical demands of pressure vessel design codes including ASME VIII, PD5500 and EN13445 and is familiar with other international design codes. Amazon Filters is accredited for self-certifying to Module H or the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU and is ATEX compliant.

For further information on top quality filter housings for demanding applications please visit www.amazonfilters.com/products/filter-housings/ or contact Amazon Filters on +44-1276-670600 / [email protected]

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