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Fixed Fire Suppression System for the Process Industries

One of the major issues facing process industries during the manufacturing process is fire. Coltraco Ultrasonics a leading UK OEM of ultrasonic fixed fire suppression systems has a range of products and systems to help negate this risk.

The fire suppression system within a facility such as Pharmaceutical manufacturing
plant will have many components. One of the most important is the suppression system cylinders. In a high risk high value environment detection is key.

PermalevelTM Multiplex is an ultrasonic measuring system that has the ability to monitor up to 700 cylinder points in real time. This gives the operator the ability to call up individual cylinder points and monitor their liquid level. With a complex data logging system it also gives the operator the ability to check historic levels for slow seepage.

PermalevelTM Multiplex gives owners the ability to better protect their assets.

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