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Flowquip In-house flow calibration service up to 4000 l/min


Once put into service all flowmeters should be checked and calibrated annually or at least biennial (every two years).
In order to prove a flowmeters performance and accuracy it must be checked against a reference device such as a master flowmeter or master weigh scale.

Flowquip offers competitively priced in-house traceable flowmeter calibration for meter sizes 1mm in diameter up to 200mm diameter.

Our maximum flow rate capability is approximately 4000 litres per minute and we have a minimum capacity of just 1 litre per hour.



All of Flowquip’s reference flowmeters and weigh scales are calibrated annually and are traceable to independent UKAS calibration laboratories. Throughout the year Flowquip’s calibration technicians carry out periodic verification of the master reference devices by cross checking and recording results from each device.

The majority of calibrations are carried out using cool clean water although we can calibrate using light oils or Diesel fuel on special request. All pipework and tanks are manufactured from stainless steel and the water is filtered and screened to ensure no debris can enter the system. If required our calibration facility can be hired out for witness calibration or OEM product testing.


Quick Turnaround Times

Typical turnaround time for flow meter calibration is two to three days; we also offer a same day turnaround and a ‘while you wait’ service at extra cost. Types of calibration include five points with two repeats as standard and ten points with electronic linearisation on request.

Any manufacturers flowmeters can be accommodated in our flow rigs and we can quickly and easily connect with flanged, screwed or wafer process connections. Flowquip can also repair many types and makes of flowmeter provided that any spare parts required are still available.

All meters returned for calibration must be certified clean and be accompanied with a completed COSHH certificate.
The uncertainty of measurement in our calibration processes is estimated to be 0.3%

For more information and prices contact sales@flowquip.co.uk

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