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Food and Beverage Maintenance Whitepaper

Thermal fluid specialist, Global Heat Transfer has released a white paper for maintenance engineers in the food and beverage industry. The paper discusses the need for proactive management of heat transfer fluids and systems, as well as optimising safety levels and production efficiency. The maintenance of heat transfer fluid in the food and beverage industry is available to download free of charge from the company’s website.

The paper, produced by Global Heat Transfer’s managing director, Clive Jones, technical business manager, Andy Burns, and Dr. Chris Wright, group head of R&D, reveals key information about the use of food grade fluids in the industry. It also contains case studies from James T. Blakeman and The Abergavenny Fine Food Company.

The authors of the paper urge plant managers to properly maintain thermal fluids and their systems by using proactive preventative maintenance plans and structures.

“It is clear that the consequences of breaking rules and regulations in the food industry are often catastrophic,” explains Clive Jones, in the report. “When it comes to heat transfer fluid maintenance, you need to assess your effectiveness in terms of prevention, identification, notification, removal and replenishment,” he concluded.

The message is simple – fluid safety should always be a priority. The food and beverage industry has rules and regulations that mean thermal fluids should be taken very seriously.

The paper provides plant operators and maintenance managers with an extensive look into thermal fluids in the food and beverage industry.

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