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Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers – The Choice for Hygienic Applications

From both economic and environmental standpoints, gasketed plate heat exchangers are attractive choices for heating and cooling in hygienic applications. Optimised gasketed plate heat exchangers enable reliable production, easy cleaning and energy efficient operation and are vital to supply safe and competitive products.

Every single detail contributes to a top class gasketed plate heat exchanger

Gentle product treatment
Heating of food and other products produced in hygienic industries to the right pasteurisation temperatures often requires gentle product treatment to prevent product damage from burning or over-processing. Versatile heat exchangers that handle complex and demanding ingredients, contribute to product integrity and higher productivity. For efficient heat transfer that provides gentle product treatment, the Alfa Laval FrontLine range of gasketed plate heat exchangers is the premium choice.

Great flexibility
Alfa Laval FrontLine gasketed plate heat exchangers offer great flexibility as they can be supplied with stainless steel frames and clip plates especially suited to your processing tasks. A unique herringbone plate pattern with optimised pressing depths and plate material provides gentle, uniform heat transfer of sensitive hygienic products. Including products with viscosities up to 5000 cPs, with small particles and limited fibre lengths or products that require pressure of up to 21 bar (290 psi).

Longer operating times, easy cleaning
The optimised geometries of FrontLine plates provide gentle and uniform heat transfer and feature excellent press depths and relatively few contact points, which prolong operating times. In addition, the unique distribution area ensures a uniform flow over the entire plate surface with no stagnant flow zones and less risk of fouling build-up. With increased Cleaning-in-Place efficiency and less fouling, the plates of Alfa Laval FrontLine are easy to clean and provide longer time between cleaning cycles, ensuring more production output.

Meeting all hygienic standards with highly efficient operation:

  • Plate design provides gentle and uniform heat transfer.
  • Unique herringbone plate pattern with optimised pressing depths.
  • Small port holes and long, narrow plates facilitate quick and easy cleaning.
  • Easy to disassemble to inspect, clean and service or to modify plate configuration.
  • Integral glue-free gasket system made with FDA-compliant materials can operate at high pressures.

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