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Global LattePanda Distribution Agreement Opens Opportunities for Windows and IoT Developers

LattePanda recently signed a global distribution agreement with RS components (RS)

These two companies will work together to engage with the increasing number of  developers and makers to help them fully realise their talent and potential.

This cooperation is important for professional engineers and makers as well as Latte-Panda. On the one hand, it is an honour for LattePanda to have the affirmation of RS Components (RS) – the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), a global distributor for engineers. On the other hand, the variety of channels that RS have can help developers and makers easily access the LattePanda, which is a ideal for the professional market that RS offers.

LattePanda is ideal for a diverse range of users including Windows and IoT developers, hardware enthusiasts robotics designers, as well as makers and hobbyists. Firstly, It is a low-cost Windows 10 single-board computer that includes powerful tools such as Visual Studio, NodeJS and Java. Besides this, LattePanda has an integrated Ar-duino for physical computing applications, as well as features such as onboard WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports. With these features, users can easily use C#, Javascript, Ruby and other development languages to produce their own software and hardware projects on the LattePanda.

“The problem was that there were a lack of tools available to developers as well as makers looking to create Windows-based projects,“ said Lauren Pan, product man-ager of LattePanda, “LattePanda solved this problem. We will now continue working towards bringing in convenience and creative potential for makers and developers.” Cooperation with RS Components will be a big step for LattePanda to achieve this goal.

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