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Grundfos Taps Into Vital Water Resources

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The summer of 2017 will be remembered very differently depending on where in Europe you experienced it. In the northern part, the early promise of fine weather didn’t last and we saw lots of rain, whereas in the south, the record high temperatures caused major problems, especially in relation to the availability and access to fresh water supplies.

This was particularly true in Italy, where a severe and prolonged heatwave caused drought conditions that saw their already limited fresh water resources stretched to their limits and the real threat of water rationing. Rome and parts of Southern Italy were particularly badly affected and public authorities were struggling to supply water, especially to any of the higher positioned towns and villages.

It was at this point that Grundfos Italy were asked to assist. Following, consultation with various parties, Grundfos worked quickly to specify and supply several packaged booster sets that were able to support the distribution of bought in, containerised water.

Hopefully, this situation will not be repeated in future years but if it is, Grundfos will be on hand to help alleviate the situation.


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