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Guide to Solving Moisture Measurement

While it is a standard test for everything from foods to pharma to plastics, moisture content analysis can be notoriously difficult to perform on a reliable, repeatable basis

Learn how to improve your moisture analysis protocols with METTLER TOLEDO’s new free Guide to Moisture Analysis.

The moisture content of foods, pharmaceuticals, and other materials affects their processability and price and helps to guarantee freshness, potency and safety. But moisture analysis accuracy requires methods that suit the product and proof that equipment heats reliably and weighs very small changes in moisture content with precision. METTLER TOLEDO’s free, downloadable Guide to Moisture Analysis can help.

The lab equipment leader’s next instalment in its year-long Laboratory eCalendar addresses everything from preparing samples to ensuring reliable and consistent heating to help tackle the most persistent moisture analysis challenges. Using clear, easy-to-follow examples,  users will learn tips and tricks that can help more accurately assess moisture content as well as provide assurance of equipment performance to satisfy regulations and auditors.

Future instalments of the 2016 eCalendar will highlight a range of issues that impact lab performance, such as balance stability and hygiene to help optimise the function of all lab equipment. Users have the choice of simply accessing the guide or requesting additional information from METTLER TOLEDO on products and services.

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