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Handbook Explains Fundamental Principles For Flow Rate Measurement

flow handbook

Handbook provides a comprehensive introduction and detailed guide into industrial flow rate measurement

ABB has released an updated version of its comprehensive handbook outlining the basic principles behind flow measurement in industrial processes. Titled “Industrial flow measurement: Basics and practice”, it explains the key methods and factors to consider when measuring industrial flow rate and associated applications.

Available here, the handbook covers a wide range of topics, including how to identify the correct measurement technique and the best flowmeter to use for specific fluids.

Other important topics covered include calibration; communications options, including HART and Fieldbus; fluid mechanics concepts and an overview outlining the suitability of different flowmeters and materials for measuring corrosive fluid flows. The guide also includes a handy reference section containing a list of standards and a synopsis of keywords for operating conditions and measuring point requirements.

“The diverse range of flow measurement solutions on the market can cause confusion when it comes to selecting the best flowmeter for a particular application,”

says David Bowers, ABB’s Pressure and Process Flow Product Manager.

“Our flow measurement handbook introduces the basic principles behind the science in an easy to understand way, but also provides a detailed assessment of flowmeter options and how they should be used to help ensure accurate and reliable measurements across different applications.”

For more information about ABB’s flow measurement solutions for industrial and utilities applications, please visit www.abb.com/flow, email [email protected], or call 0870 600 6122 with ref. “Industrial and utility flow”.

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