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High Efficiency Mixers in Vietnam Oil Refinery

Kenics Mixers

A High Efficiency Vortex (HEV) mixer made by KenicsTM, a brand of NOV, has been installed in the sulphur recovery unit at Vietnam’s first oil refinery

The Kenics HEV, which can handle all turbulent-flow mixing applications regardless of line size or shape, is a key component in an upgrade that will enable Euro V standard fuels to be produced at the plant, as well as increasing the capacity from 148,000 barrels per day (b/d) to 192,000 b/d.

Achieving optimum mixing from controlled vortices generated by the patented low-profile tab geometry, the Kenics HEV in the sulphur and acid gas collection/recovery process provides uniform blending while limiting mixer length to less than 1-1/2 pipe diameters.



Ideal for processes where pressure loss and length are critical, the HEV also provides complete mixing with pressure losses up to 75% less than conventional static mixers.

This latest contract for Kenics follows a recent sulphur recovery order to supply three Kenics HEV mixers and four smaller Kenics KMS static mixers for a sulphur and acid gas collection/recovery process at a refinery in Saudi Arabia.


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