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The Highest Quality Rinsing Water Through Efficient Processing


-H2O GmbH at the Surfaces Conference in Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe. H2O GmbH will explain how manufacturers can reduce costs through optimal rinsing water quality and improve surface results at the sixth symposium on surface technology purification and pre-treatment in Karlsruhe. The conference is being organised by Ostbayerisches Technologie-Transfer-Institut e.V. (OTTI) on the 17th and 18th of November at Hotel Achat Plaza in Karlsruhe.

Innovative products often feature outstanding functional coatings, the optimal adhesion of which greatly depends on the purification and activation processes carried out prior to coating. Proper purification not only contributes to zero error production, but can even reduce the bottom line, saving on costs and resources. A prime example of this is H2O GmbH’s VACUDEST vacuum distillation system. The VACUDEST treats the used rinsing water from the surface technology so effectively that it can then be reused in the rinsing process.

The innovative Clearcat condensation unit, which is integrated in the VACUDEST system, is what makes this possible. It is based on physical, catalytic processes and drastically reduces the processed rinsing water’s hydrocarbon index, making post-processing obsolete. No consumables or chemicals are needed in the process, making the Clearcat technology extremely economical and low-maintenance. The VACUDEST Clearcat system produces crystal-clear and virtually oil-free rinsing water. Ideally suited for re-use.

Those interested in how improved rinsing water quality saves on costs can learn more at our accompanying exhibition manned by the leaders in zero liquid discharge production at H2O GmbH, or by visiting www.h2o-de.com.

H2O GmbH

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