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Emerson Technology Helps Bring Clean Energy to Rural China

Hydropower project will help meet growing energy needs in Sichuan province

Emerson Process Management, a global business of Emerson, is automating the Shehong Liushu Hydropower Project that will bring clean electrical power to China’s Sichuan province.

Hydropower development, particularly small hydropower, has been gaining traction in China as a clean energy source that can supplement thermal power sources and electrify rural areas. This project by Tuopai Power Development Co. Ltd. consists of three 16-megawatt units to help meet the growing energy needs of the Shehong region in southwest Sichuan. The first unit is expected to be operational in March 2016.

Emerson will provide its Ovation™ control and SCADA technology to manage hydropower operations. Tuopai Power Development is among the first hydropower generators in China to adopt distributed control system technology that provides tighter overall control, enhanced diagnostics, improved plant efficiency, reliable grid synchronisation, enhanced cybersecurity and more efficient operator deployment.

“The strong reputation of Emerson and its Ovation technology heavily influenced our decision,” said Li Xianglin, instrument and control manager for Sichuan Tuopai Power Development. “We were especially impressed with Emerson’s experience applying its control and SCADA technology to hydropower units around the world.”

Ovation technology will directly control primary plant equipment and processes, perform automatic voltage regulation, and manage information from the 24 spillways. Emerson will also supply its Rosemount pressure and level transmitters.

“For more than 20 years we’ve built upon our successful fossil-fuel foundation to develop automation strategies for alternative energy sources,” said Bob Yeager, president of Emerson Process Management’s Power & Water Solutions. “Our industry and automation specialists look forward to working with Sichuan Tuopai Power Development as they deliver the benefits of clean, efficient hydropower to the region.”

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