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How to Improve Chem & Petrochem Plant Total Cost of Ownership through Valve Equipment, Supplier & Process Standardisation

Pentair Valves & Controls has designed an effective approach for chemical and petrochemical plant owners and operators with the potential to deliver significant, measurable improvements in their total cost of ownership (TCO)

Pentair is working with major chemical and petrochemical companies around the world to promote and implement standardisation programs and processes with the goal of increasing efficiency and reducing total cost of ownership in areas such as procurement, installation, and maintenance of valves and controls equipment, and inventory control processes across multiple plant sites.

Christof Lindner, director of Pentair Valves & Controls Global Accounts for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, is one of Pentair’s experts promoting this standardisation program with major global customers.  Lindner has more than 25 years of industry experience and has been instrumental in helping numerous major companies to achieve equipment standardisation throughout their global operations.

“The concept of standardisation of equipment within global chemical and petrochemical companies to lower the total cost of ownership of valves and controls and use the best possible technology is a very important approach to supporting our customers,” Lindner explained. “Pentair has created an effective process that can potentially save chemical and petrochemical companies millions of dollars by standardising models of valves and controls equipment to increase reliability and efficiency and deliver proven results.  This process begins with an evaluation conducted by Pentair with the approval of our customers. From this evaluation, we develop a customised plan that Pentair implements in collaboration with our customers across multiple plant facilities in various regions of the world across a period of several years.”

Total cost of ownership benefits that customers can expect include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost savings by commonly used processes across the enterprise to define, specify, and order technical equipment such as valves and controls;
  • Availability of products on short notice to allow quick response and delivery to solve customers’ problems;
  • Technology-driven product standardisation with reliable high quality products that significantly reduce plant down times, unexpected outages, and operational issues;
  • Technical support and consultancy provided by dedicated Pentair representatives to enhance partnerships and identify new areas for improvements for customers; and,
  • Long-term commitment and solutions-oriented teams to help customers with their toughest challenges and, thus, deliver best value and TCO.

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