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In-house Wastewater Treatment Improves Quality in Industrial Parts Cleaning and Reduces Costs


H2O GmbH presents innovative technologies on the parts2clean

Improved cleanliness, superior quality, reduced cost – in industrial parts cleaning requirements regarding stable cleanliness are constantly on the rise, in parallel cost pressure increases.

Thus H2O GmbH, based in Steinen, Germany, developed an efficient solution, improving rinsing water quality and reducing cost at the same time: Recycling of spent rinsing water by vacuum evaporation. The experts for zero liquid discharge production provide further information on the parts2clean. The leading international trade fair on industrial parts and surface cleaning takes place in Stuttgart from June 9th to 11th. The accompanying experts forum includes a 30 min. presentation of H2O GmbH on June 9th at 01:00 pm on benefits of recycling spent rinsing water in industrial parts and surface cleaning processes.

Leading companies already rely on vacuum distillation systems for the purification of spent rinsing waters. The advantage: The purified rinsing water has such a high quality that it can be recycled. Users can thus reduce wastewater disposal cost by up to 98 %. In addition patented technologies from H2O help to improve the quality of the cleaning results due to highest rinsing water quality. An example is the patented Clearcat condensation step. It provides for crystal clear distillate, virtually free of oil. It is cleaner than the distillate from conventional vacuum evaporators, even after additional treatment with activated carbon, and thus can be recycled to the cleaning process.

More information regarding effective and reliable solutions for a zero liquid discharge production you can get on the parts2clean in hall 4, on H2O’s booth no. CO1, or under www.h2o-de.com.

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