Dr Graeme Philp – In the Hot seat

NAME:Dr Graeme PhilpPOSITION:Chief ExecutiveCOMPANY:GAMBICA – the Association for UK Instrumentation, Automation and Lab Tech industries Likes: Technology, visionaries, sailing, playing guitar Dislikes: Leaders without vision or courage 1 BEST & WORST BUSINESS DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE: BEST:Joining The MTL Instruments Group, the UK public company that I led as CEO for 13 years WORST:Choosing a […]

Wayne Baxter – In the Hot Seat

NAME:Wayne BaxterPOSITION:Managing DirectorCOMPANY:Haden Freeman Ltd Likes: Dislikes: 1 BEST & WORST BUSINESS DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE: BEST:Several years ago I was approached by a friend with a great idea! “How about funding a start up company in a sector you know absolutely nothing about? It’s certain to be a success but I don’t want to […]

Steve Mackay PhD

NAME:Steve Mackay PhDPOSITION:DeanCOMPANY:Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) and CEO to sister company, IDC Technologies Pty Ltd Likes: My family is my raison d’etre. My work too is a part of the family; like a demanding teenage child whose long upbringing has proved challenging, but rewarding.My love for history is satisfied through reading and, whenever possible, […]

Paul Barritt

NAME:Paul BarrittPOSITION:Managing DirectorCOMPANY:EOGB Energy Products Ltd Likes: Motor Sport, Squash, a good challenge and a good pint Dislikes: Celery, PPI calls, people that borrow things but never return them 1 BEST & WORST BUSINESS DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE: BEST:The best decision I have made was persuading my employer to let me do a part-time engineering […]

Andrew Clarke

NAME:Andrew ClarkePOSITION:Commercial DirectorCOMPANY:MWS Weighing Solutions Likes: Honesty, Hardwork, Integrity, People willing to always learn and take initiative Dislikes: Tardiness, People telling me what they think I want to hear 1 BEST & WORST BUSINESS DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE: BEST:Choosing to work with a scheme called Growth Accelerator, it changed my mindset away from being the […]

Simon Rogers

NAME:Simon RogersPOSITION:Managing DirectorCOMPANY:Yokogawa UK Ltd Likes: Squash, motorbikes, golf, football, music Dislikes: Marmite 1 BEST & WORST BUSINESS DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE: BEST:My best business decisions have been hiring or assigning the right people. These are the most important business decisions I ever make WORST:Hiring or assigning the wrong people have been the most costly […]

Ian Osborne

NAME:Ian OsbornePOSITION:ChairmanCOMPANY:Transmission Developments Likes: Real Ale, Old Cars, Sprinting and Hillclimbing, Home-built gas turbine vehicles Dislikes: The Metropolitan Elite, The Department of Timidity & Inaction (BIS) and politicians generally 1 BEST & WORST BUSINESS DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE: BEST:Expanding in-house manufacturing in the face of low cost Far Eastern competition WORST:Assuming what customers want is […]

Kevin Brown

NAME:Kevin BrownPOSITION:Managing Director, OwnerCOMPANY:Quantum Controls Ltd Likes: Winning Dislikes: Losing 1 BEST & WORST BUSINESS DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE: BEST:Buying Quantum Controls outright in 2009, I am now sole owner WORST:Employing un motivated staff members in the past 2 WHAT HAS BEEN THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVANCEMENT IN TECHNOLOGY FOR YOUR BUSINESS? The internet and the […]

Angus Fosten

NAME:Angus FostenPOSITION:DirectorCOMPANY:Partech Instruments Likes: Travelling with my family, cricket and of course water quality instrumentation Dislikes: Bureaucracy, Dishonesty 1 BEST & WORST BUSINESS DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE: BEST:Management buyout of Partech in 2000 WORST:Allowing one of our salesmen to choose an Alfa Romeo as his company car, it looked great but was impractical and unreliable […]

Craig Such

NAME:Craig SuchPOSITION:Managing Director and FounderCOMPANY:Azzure IT Likes: Azzure Curry Nights with the team, new challenges and motorsports Dislikes: Negative thinking and watching golf 1 BEST & WORST BUSINESS DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE: BEST:To set up Azzure IT with the objective of forming a customer focused ERP business – to achieve this and become the fastest […]