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Approval to expand Indian Boiler Regulation services offers updated regulation guide for manufacturers & suppliers of boilers and components

Lloyd’s Register Energy becomes an international ‘one stop shop’ for Indian Boiler Regulation (IBR) services authorised by the Indian Central Boilers Board to provide full lifecycle IBR services inside and outside India.

The Indian government has approved Lloyd’s Register Energy to provide certification services for the Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) 1950 in all Indian states except in Jammu and Kashmir.

The approval comes four years after Lloyd”s Register Energy – a leading integrity, compliance and specialist risk consulting services group – became the first independent company to gain authorisation from the Indian government to provide IBR certification services in India.

“This approval by the Indian Central Boilers Board is proof that Lloyd’s Register Energy is recognised as a trusted independent Inspection Authority by the Indian government to carry out quality certification services. It is also testament to the commitment and hard work of our Inspection Technical team in India led by Partha Brahma,” says Peter Staton, Head of Technical & Quality Management at Lloyd’s Register Energy.

Most boilers and boiler parts and spares installed in India must comply with the IBR. The regulations contain rules for the design, construction, workmanship, procurement of materials, and inspection of boilers.

“Given the strict requirements the Central Boilers Board and National Productivity Council place on Inspecting Authorities, the considerable investment in our own people and our technical capability allows us to further expand our role of helping to keep India safe,” highlights Staton.

In 2011, Lloyd’s Register Energy was authorised for 2 states in India and that was recently extended to 11 states. It is also authorised to provide global approval to certify manufactured equipment and components.

To help manufacturers better understand IBR, Lloyd’s Register Energy has updated its guide for manufacturers and suppliers of boilers and components called Understanding the Indian Boiler Regulations (1950).

Downloaded thousands of times, the complimentary guide contains practical knowledge to help educate clients on how to interpret the stringent set of regulations.

“With our expanding operations and many years of experience in IBR, we are able to provide formal training for manufacturers in topics such as design, materials, fabrication, testing  and use of correct IBR  Forms to certify boilers and parts globally,” said Staton. “We can also provide services to help manufacturers gain recognition as a ‘Well Known’ steel, pipe, tube, forgings, or castings maker for the IBR.”

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