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25th Anniversary for Global Group of Companies

Global Group of Companies

The Stone based Global Group of Companies, including Global Heat Transfer, is celebrating 25 years of success in 2014 by completing 25 good deeds to help  local and national causes. The company has set up a trust called the Global Foundation and is planning to raise £25,000 for a range of charities, including the Alzheimer’s Society and the NSPCC.

Global Group was called Global Exporters in its early days and was set up in 1989 by current CEO Clive Jones, who was then in his late teens. He spotted an opportunity to supply hygiene products into industry before spotting a gap in the market to manufacture and supply thermal fluids for a range of process engineering applications.

Global Lea Properties was then formed as the result of Jones’ first property acquisition in Leeds. Today, the real estate division of the group boasts over 50 separate let units with more than 350 tenants.

The Group continued to grow and Global Heat Transfer was founded when the Company signed an agreement with BP to distribute specialist oils. The Company grew a whopping 570 per cent in its first three years and continues to grow. The last financial year has seen turnover grow by 66%.

Global Operations was founded to support Global Heat Transfer and Global Oil with storage and distribution of thermal fluid. This department deals with warehousing facilities and tank and pallet distribution. Global Oil Company was founded to produce and distribute its own range of thermal fluids, Globaltherm.

In its 25th year of business, the Global Group achieved a 25 per cent increase in turnover, marking yet another successful year for the Stone based companies.

“We’ve had a fruitful and exciting journey so far,” enthuses Clive Jones, owner and CEO of the Global Group of Companies.  “I have great plans to ensure that the businesses will continue to go from strength to strength, so we can make a difference in the wider community. We aim to employ more people and accomplish our 25 good deeds raising a significant amount for charity in the process,” he concluded.

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