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Process Pigging Technology Specialists Appoints New Agent for France and Spain


Blucorcontrol will Represent HPS Product Recovery Solutions Throughout the Two Countries

HPS Product Recovery Solutions, the leading experts in process and hygienic product recovery systems, have appointed Blucorcontrol as their representatives in southern Europe.

Blucorcontrol will work in partnership with HPS to deliver pigging products and services to companies that process liquids.

Liquid product recovery, often referred to as ‘pigging’, uses a special projectile to reclaim residual liquids from process pipelines. The result is increased yields, better efficiency and higher profits. And because there’s much less waste, pigging is also good for the environment and sustainability.

Pigging usually takes place when the products being processed are changed over, which, depending on the application, can be several times a week, day or even hour. During changeovers, there’s always product left in the pipeline. Instead of flushing it away, pigging saves it so it can continue to be processed, used, packaged or sold.

Gilbert Murphy, HPS founder and CEO comments,

“More and more companies are turning to pigging to improve their operational efficiency and save waste. The team at Blucorcontrol have an in-depth understanding of HPS products and services. They also have genuine enthusiasm for helping companies increase yields while at the same time being kinder to the environment.

“We’re really looking forward to working in partnership with Blucorcontrol to expand our presence in southern Europe”.

HPS pigging technology has been deployed in thousands of industrial plants throughout the world. These range from food and drink production facilities to those that manufacture paint, household liquids, cosmetics and personal care products.

Blucorcontrol see significant opportunities for wine, beer and other beverage producers in particular to improve their processes using product recovery systems.

Ben Molineux of Blucorcontrol explains,

“While pigging works with many different processes and products, France and Spain produce some of the best wines and beers in the world. It’s a shame to waste a single drop!”

“HPS systems recover up to 99.5% of liquids from pipelines. If it wasn’t for pigging, this would be flushed to waste, which is bad news for yields, the environment and beer and wine drinkers everywhere”.

The use of product recovery technology and pigging is increasing throughout the world, and Europe is no exception.

Ben concludes,

“Reducing waste, saving water and helping sustainability are high on the agenda of companies throughout Europe. HPS are the leaders in process pigging and liquid transfer technology and we are extremely proud to be able to represent them”.

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