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Latest models increase torque flange’s capabilities

The T40B digital torque flange from HBM is now available with measuring ranges of 50 Nm and 100 Nm.

HBM has launched two new models of its T40B digital torque flange with 50 Nm and 100 Nm torque measurement ranges making the transducer suitable for a wider range of applications.

The compact design of the T40B means the torque flange can be easily integrated into various applications such as for e-motor testing and hybrid drive systems. The optional magnetic speed measurement system generates 1024 pulses per revolution enabling very accurate speed measurements even at low speeds.

The T40B has been designed as a precise and robust system for measuring torque and speed accurately even under the most difficult industrial environment conditions. The torque flange utilizes the magnetic measurement principle so that oil vapors and dirt have no impact on results. Data transmission between the rotor and stator is digital so that any interferences are practically excluded.

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