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The Smart Data Alternative To Expensive Customised SCADA Packages

Jul 28, 2017 | by Contrec Ltd
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Do you need to keep more control over your plant performance? Contrec’s new software offering DataMod™ does just that in a one-size-fits all solution.

DataMod™ allows engineers and managers to quickly and easily keep up to date with what’s happening in their plant. No need for expensive customised SCADA packages, The DataMod™ tool gives engineers and managers the ability to extract critical logged operating data from their flow instruments installed in the field and allow them to generate reports and spreadsheets quickly and easily.

Engineers can monitor their flows of liquids, whether its steam and gas in the boiler house, fuel loading into tankers or effluent discharge from factories, key information such as volume, mass, temperature, pressure, density, energy, power can all be accessed and scrutinised to ensure the production process is operating at optimum levels.

The data can additionally be used to highlight potential problems on site, for example where reduction in flow rates could be the result of a failing pump or sticking valve. The information can help save thousands of pounds in preventing equipment failure and lost production.

Managers are often required to produce regular reports on the performance of production facilities. These reports are vital for businesses to help control costs, plan an effective production strategy and highlight potential problems. One example might be a steam boiler. The boiler, installed several years ago to handle the demand at that time.

datamod operator

Over the years, production levels have increased to such a degree that the boiler is now having to operate beyond its normal capability to keep up with demand. This increases the wear and reliability of the boiler, but also disproportionally increases the cost of gas supply needed to feed the boiler. Being able to plot the steam usage in the plant, pinpoint peaks and troughs, will allow managers to view the boilers performance, and make accurate, informed decisions on their capital expenditure. 

Key Features

•    Collect logged data from 515 instruments installed in the field
•    Display collected process data
•    Generate PDF reports
•    Produce data in CSV format commonly used in 3rd party software
•    Customisable reports (special custom templates also available)
•    Industry standard Modbus RTU communication
•    Simple installation and configuration
•    Software download from Contrec website
•    Security and data integrity
•    15-day FREE TRIAL


•    HVAC Facility Management (gas, steam, water, waste)
•    Food & Beverage (batch control, ratio blending, dosing)
•    Power Generation (oil, steam, compressed air)
•    Oil & Gas (tanker loading, tank farms, additives, transfer)
•    Marine (engine consumption, bunkering, safety systems)
•    Nuclear (gas, cooling water, steam)
•    Minerals and Mining (refuelling plant equipment, remote site access)

For more information or to download a free-trial of the software email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website

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