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New Bulk Bag Emptying Conveyors from Schrage Conveying Systems

Jan 23, 2015 | by Phil Black - Editor, PII
Category Conveyors & Conveying Systems       Hits: 4537
Bulk Bag Emptying

Discharging bulk bags into a process typically involves elevating materials from ground level to process machinery feed points. Whilst the bags can be transported at ground level with fork lift trucks, elevating the material can be a challenge. In response to these challenges, a new range of tube chain conveyors has been launched by Schrage Conveying Systems. (Exclusively available in The UK from Renby Ltd)

With a capability of lifting product from a few metres to as many as 35 metres, the new compact design fits within the legs of a big bag stand. This keeps the space requirement to a minimum.

22New Bulk Conveyor

The tube chain conveyor can be operated at any angle from horizontal to vertical. This way, it does not impose any restrictions on the plant designer. Furthermore, with such large lengths possible on a single conveyor, just one tube chain conveyor is used where previously several conveyors would have been needed.

HKF Schrage BigBag

All of the original benefits of the tube chain conveyor are retained, such as gentle handling, low energy consumption, dust tight conveying and low wear rates. Variations of the new design are available offering rapid filling / emptying of road or rail bulk tankers directly into your process or into intermediate containers.

Renby Limited,
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