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Reduce your process production line lead times -Fulfilling market needs for faster up and running

Oct 17, 2013 | by Phil Black - Editor, PII
Category Conveyors & Conveying Systems       Hits: 2488

More than ever “time is money”. Process interruptions are costly and must be reduced or eliminated when possible, especially in today’s fierce competitive and difficult market conditions throughout the world. Getting a production line operational one day or even a few hours earlier than scheduled generates increased customer satisfaction and profits. Recognizing this need for faster deliveries, Fluidwell now considerably reduced production lead times to fulfill orders in less than 10 working days (completely made to order).

Increasingly rush
“Our customers already welcomed our fast shipping performance of less than 3 weeks lead times. However, in recent times we noticed that the opportunity for rush orders as fast as 3 and 10 working days at a surcharge had increased. Surcharges were never a problem for most customers, considering the advantages of being operational faster”, says Eric Rath, General Manager of the Fluidwell Group in The Netherlands.

“Therefore it was a logical move to adapt our production processes for an even faster standard delivery schedule. Everything is still made to order rather than from stock, a serious challenge when you have over 200,000 different combinations. Tailor-made products result in great advantages in cost and simplicity for installation and programming for our customers. Or, to put it simply, we eliminate the trade-off between speed, simplicity and functionality”.

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