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Mar 28, 2008 | by Phil Black - Editor, PII
Category Mixing, Blending & Granulating       Hits: 5719
mixing system, Triple Action Disperser

Joshua Greaves have developed this 100 Laboratory scale Triple Action Disperser, which is suitable for processing a wide range of medium to high viscosity products (10/100 Pas) such as creams, lotions, salad cream and mayonnaise, as well as agrochemicals.

Greaves have designed the system to provide highly efficient wetting of powders using the incorporation mixer, then high quality dispersion can be developed by the disperser (HSD). The whole machine is complemented by the use of an anchor stirrer complete with PTFE scrapers. All drives are variable speed on this mixing system, which is also capable of operating under full vacuum to minimize any aeration which may occur during the intense mixing process. The whole piece of equipment is highly mobile and is intended for trial purposes on customers premises.

For more information contact - Joshua Greaves & Sons, Bury, Lancashire

Tel: 01706 82 4191.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Web:


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