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Elko’s Wastewater Treatment Facility Invests In Submersible Mixing Equipment

Aug 09, 2017 | by Landia Ltd
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In Northeastern Nevada, the largest gold-mining region in the U S, the City of Elko’s wastewater treatment facility has completed its latest investment in Landia’s submersible mixing equipment.

At the facility’s ASP (activated sludge process), Landia’s model POP-I mixers have been suspending solids, homogenizing the sludge in the anoxic tanks 24/7 without any issues, as Elko’s Wastewater Superintendent Mike Haddenham explains:

“When our facility was upgraded to include the new activated sludge process, we certainly made the right choice with Landia’s equipment and Landia the company.  The mixers do a very good job and are extremely reliable.  Landia’s Ken Jacobs worked out a maintenance program for us, also training up our team on how best to service the mixers.  We know that help is always at hand if we need it”.

Help has certainly been welcome during recent severe floods in Elko, which saw the average flow of 2.5 Million gallons per day rise to over 12 MGD, with serious river infiltration into Elko’s collection system (4.5MGD is the usual capacity).  Usually, much of the city’s precipitation - an annual average of less than 10 inches - comes in the form of snowfall.

“You could say that we’ve been pretty busy”, added Mike Haddenham, who recently bought in new portable cranes from Landia for each one of the facility’s submersible mixers.
“We began with just one portable crane, but we later opted to get one crane per mixer.  Again, with this order, Landia have been very easy to work with”.
Situated on the Humboldt River halfway between Reno and Salt Lake City, Elko is at the heart of the state’s gold mining industry.  Next to Australia, South Africa and China, the state of Nevada alone is the fourth largest gold producer in the world.
In addition to the equipment at Elko WTF, Landia has thousands of mixers and pumps installed in activated sludge processes across the U.S., many of which have been in continuous operation for more than 20 years.

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