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Grain Grinding in the Glen Creston Cross Beater Mill

Oct 18, 2011
Category Mixing, Blending & Granulating       Hits: 3672
len Creston Cross Beater Mill

The Glen Creston Cross Beater Mill is a tried and tested multiple purpose mill that has been used for a variety of products from minerals to spices and that will easily grind grain to sub millimetre sizes.

It is normally used for processing small batches of grain for testing but recent application developments include its use for the processing of grain for the production of growth factors to be used in the medical research and cosmetics industries.

The version used for the application cited above is completely manufactured from grade 316 stainless steel and fitted with a dedicated 6 litre hopper / electromagnetically driven vibratory feeder unit.

In this configuration indicative throughputs are approx 50 kg /hour with a 2 mm discharge screen (approximately 90% <1mm product) and 10 kg per hour with a 0.5 mm discharge screen (approximately 90% <0.25 mm product).

The Cross Beater Mill is also particularly suitable for: Chemicals, Soil, Coal, Plant materials, Grain, Glass, Fruit, Ceramics, Cement and Spices