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J. R. Boone’s Mixer makes short work of Stabilising WAC Failing Materials for Augean PLC

Jul 17, 2015 | by John R Boone Ltd
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J. R. Boone Mixers have supplied a large continuous mixer to Augean PLC to process industrial waste prior to land filling at their Kings Cliffe site near Peterborough, The Horizontal paddle mixer is capable of processing up to 720 Cubic metres of material per eight hour shift, mixing and consolidating the waste to form a stable material, allowing WAC non-complaint materials to become safe for landfill.

J. R. Boone already have a successful track record with Augean, having previously supplied a 6-tonne batch paddle mixer to the company for a similar application. Although Augean did compare J.R. Boone mixers with others, this successful history along with a competitive quote, led to J.R. Boone Ltd being awarded the contract.

The use is a heavy duty application and the materials being processed are, of course highly abrasive, so the contra-flow mixer paddles mounted within the U shaped mixing chamber are made from wear resistant ‘Abro Steel’

Based on their experiences in the previous installation, Augean requested a couple of key additions, particularly by including ‘bomb doors’ to facilitate full discharge of the mixer for cleaning, adding an extra degree of user friendly application to the process.

Commenting on the project, Simon Moyes the site manager at King Cliffe, said “J.R. Boone already understood the principles of our process so we were able to make the project run very smoothly.

Installation was seamless and we are delighted with the way the J.R. Boone mixer has operated”.

JR Boone Background information

John R Boone Mixers and Mixing Systems are used worldwide in the production of powders, granules, pastes and liquids. Reliable, versatile and economical in operation, Boone mixers and blenders feature in applications as diverse as welding flux, soap powders and heart tablets.

Its projects team draws on decades of mixing data and experience to create the ideal solution for any application. The proven range of mixing, de-agglomeration and conveying equipment includes innovations such as its high-shear Horizontal Delta Blade Mixer, Horizontal Helical Blade (Ribbon) Mixers, Horizontal Paddle Blade Mixers and low-shear Rotary Drum Blenders. The company also provides long-term support through its team of skilled maintenance engineers and its spare parts service.


For more information contact Chris Boone, John R. Boone Ltd, Congleton, Cheshire.

Tel: 01260 272 894  Fax: 01260 281 128  E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Web: 

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