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Mar 06, 2008 | by Alfa Laval Limited
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Energy Saving tank agitators

Alfa Lavals new range of Energy Saving tank agitators has been designed to provide gentle product treatment and low energy usage in a wide range of mixing and blending duties to ensure product homogeneity, maintain suspension and aid fermentation and heat transfer.

Modular in design, the agitators can be precisely customised for specific duties and either top-mounted, bottom mounted or side mounted. All of the components individually meet the most stringent European and U.S standards including EHEDG, USDA and FDA.

An assortment of propeller blades keeps product moving to maintain uniform temperature, thickness and consistency. Great care has been taken to prevent product shear, to reduce energy usage and to ensure rapid clean-up during maintenance or cleaning stops.

The configuration of the propeller blades ensures excellent levels of hygiene. There are no shadow areas, flat areas or crevasses where product could accumulate. The shaft of the agitator within the tank is completely smooth - all of the gearing is located outside the tank. This also contributes to the energy efficiency which is such a key feature of Alfa Laval Energy Saving Agitators.

The imaginative design also ensures maximum pumping efficiency for the lowest possible energy input, thanks to the airfoil blades which enable slower rotation speeds to be used without any loss of pumping power. Pay back comes in two ways: from enhanced product quality thanks to the reduced risk of shear and from lower energy consumption which enables smaller frequency converters to be employed on the electric motors used to control rotation speeds.

In real terms, the savings in energy compared, for instance, with conventional direct drive agitators, should be sufficient to achieve should be sufficient to achieve rapid pay back, claim Alfa Laval.

The new Energy saving Agitators are the latest addition to Alfa Lavals comprehensive family of components for tank access, storage and cleaning duties.

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