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May 11, 2011 | by Phil Black - Editor, PII
Category Mixing, Blending & Granulating       Hits: 4000
high shear mixing

Few topics in the process equipment arena are as poorly explained or understood as so-called “high shear mixing”.  Whilst most process engineers will be familiar with terms such as dispersion, homogenization, shearing and milling, very few will be prepared to take on the daunting task of specifying a machine to do these tasks by themselves.

For the most part, engineers will turn to the equipment suppliers for advice, and so begins the drawn-out process of trials and equipment comparisons, with the equipment suppliers trying their best to understand the customer’s process and the customer trying as hard as possible to maintain secrecy and negotiating control.

If all this sounds too familiar for comfort, then Maelstrom APT’s re-thinking of the conventional approach could be the answer.  

Using the power of empirical modelling and web-based product configuration tools on its new website, Maelstrom puts the user firmly back into the driving seat.  

With a free downloadable application to help with sizing and selection of its general purpose FDM range of high shear mixers, users can quickly and efficiently arrive at a sensible selection and can then move on to configure and price a mixer to suit.  The ability to play with the model to examine different scenarios, batch versus inline options and price/volume breakpoints can give real insights into optimal configurations for cost reduction.

For more information contact;

Maelstrom APT Ltd, Glossop, Derbyshire
Tel: 01457 867777 Fax: 01457 862207
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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