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Mar 11, 2009 | by Pump Engineering Ltd
Category Mixing, Blending & Granulating       Hits: 5245
The CSF Steam Water Mixer

The CSF Steam Water Mixer provides a safe, simple and reliable source of hot water delivered at the correct temperature and pressure so it’s ideal for cleaning and wash down applications in most industrial and process environments. Available through PUMP ENGINEERING, the Steam Water Mixer is versatile, effective and very easy-to-use. Typical cleaning and wash-down applications include, in oil and chemical refineries, paper mills, waste plant incinerators or wherever safe, simple and effective cleaning is required.

These rugged and reliable mixers are constructed from stainless steel and are capable of delivering water up to a maximum temperature of 95ºC at volumes up to 10,000 lit/hour. They are simple to install because existing steam and cold water supplies can be utilized. Also, running costs are minimal because the design of the mixer ensures that all the heat energy in the steam is transferred to the water.

In the past, certain applications required the availability of ‘live’ steam for sterilization. However, to meet current health & safety requirements the latest steam water mixer models are designed without this facility. Therefore, the potential for ‘live’ steam being discharged as a result of operator error, is eliminated. Water temperatures are easily controlled at the outlet of the mixer by using the water and steam valves fitted to the inlets.   

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