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Screw Feeders

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The extraction of powdered and granular materials from vessels is undertaken using a variety of techniques such as belts, vibratory tray, rotary valves and screws.  All of these methods have their place if applied appropriately (in terms of suitability for the material being handled and the process requirements).

A common issue that can result if poorly flowing, time dependant or segregable materials are being handled is that of variable consistency / quality of product delivered into the process.  The Wolfson Centre can provide independent advice on identifying the causes and remedial actions necessary to obtain the desired process performance.

In many cases a combination of lack of draw-down capacity within the screw feeder and lack of interface design details generate regions of non-flowing material within vessels – which can encourage cross-contamination between batches or poor discharge rate control.  Accurate and reliable feeding of powders requires a holistic design approach for the metering equipment, interface and vessel geometry – all of which should be decided upon using knowledge of the bulk materials properties.


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