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New 20 Year Warranty For Stainless Steel Propellers

Jul 21, 2016 | by Landia Ltd
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landia mixer propellers

At a Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) in Maryland, a dozen Landia submersible mixers have finally had their motors replaced after nearly 20 years of service – yet the original stainless steel propellers are still intact and set for another lengthy spell in the plant’s oxidation ditches.

Soren Rasmussen, Director at Landia, Inc, added: “We are very proud of the Landia mixers’ performance, especially to see the stainless steel propellers unworn after nearly two decades.  This is a familiar picture we see in many plants across the U S, where reusing our mixers’ original propellers represents a big saving for customers, when a plant undergoes an upgrade”.

So much so that Landia Inc in the U S is now offering an unprecedented 20-year warranty on its stainless steel propellers.

He added: “Many wastewater treatment plants, who operate with other brands of mixers, have to change their failing, worn out propellers every few years.  But the overall cost of a mixer with our stainless steel propellers is a far more favourable economic solution – and better for the environment too”.

Landia’s model POPL-I mixers, which are designed to effectively agitate, homogenise and keep solids in suspension, operate at very low propeller speeds to ensure gentle treatment of activated sludge.

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