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A Breakthrough in Powder Formulation

Category Powder Handling       Hits: 3113
Wolfson AA-SHAPA-JJ 2015

The Virtual Powder Blending Laboratory is a breakthrough in powder formulation, allowing formulators in any industry sector to select from powders in a database, experiment with blending them in a virtual laboratory, and predict the properties of the finished blend.  

It can also predict the effect of adding liquid to the surfaces of the powders (both oil and water) and the effect of "free-flow" additives such as silicon dioxide and others.

As the development has been funded by the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and a number of food industry collaborators, the work so far has focused on food applications (for example snack flavourings) but work has also been undertaken with mineral and pharmaceutical powders. It is expected to progress and evolve over time, for use in other groups of powders and industries.


For more details please contact Rob Berry on Tel: 020 8331 8646 or

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