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Microdosing - It all depends on accuracy

Mar 19, 2012 | by Dec Group
Category Powder Handling       Hits: 3747
The MicroPTS* allows precise volumetric dosing of very small amounts of all types of powders

The MicroPTS* allows precise volumetric dosing of very small amounts of all types of powders. With regard to its operation, the dosing unit performs similarly to a gravimetric system, if a laser scanning system in its chamber is used to confirm the presence of product.  Its design offers significant advantages in terms of cleaning and space-saving.

Features include:

  • Dosing range from 1 mg to 100 g
  • Adjustment of dose size during operation
  • Accurate and repetitive
  • Unique filtration concept
  • Easy to clean - CIP system
  • Simple integration in existing filling systems
  • Independent of bulk density variation

The MicroPTS* is based on the proven PTS* (Powder Transfer System) technology and allows accurate dosing of very small amounts (1mg) of powder in less than a second, with an accuracy reaching up to 1 %. High precision is achieved even with variation in bulk density, which is the weak point in the design of most of the volumetric systems. The product is filled by vacuum into a calibrated chamber of variable volume and emptied either mechanically, by a piston or by applying pressure. It is precisely this vacuum effect in the chamber that compresses the product and thus ensures high dosing accuracy.

*PTS and MicroPTS are patented technologies

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