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Latest Tapered Roller Bearings Offer Performance & Endurance Enhancements

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SKF has increased the dynamic load rating of its SKF Explorer tapered roller bearings by 7%, and the dynamic load rating of a selection of upgraded non-SKF Explorer bearings by a further 15%, delivering an overall dynamic load rating improvement of 22% for certain product types.

Luton, United Kingdom: 8th February 2018: The latest range of SKF Explorer tapered roller bearings has been extended, and now offers a significant 7% increase in dynamic load rating for all products up to 600 mm outside diameter.

Additionally, the dynamic load rating of a selection of non-SKF Explorer bearings has been improved by a further 15% as a result of internal manufacturing upgrades. This means an overall dynamic load rating improvement of 22% for certain product types.

Thanks to consistent manufacturing processes, the Company has also been able to increase the C value* of these components, making them among the best in class. In independent trials, SKF’s upgraded bearings were found to match or exceed the life of competitor products under identical running conditions.

SKF Explorer tapered roller bearings can increase bearing service life in both clean and contaminated operating environments, reducing the total cost of ownership as customers benefit from lower maintenance requirements and increased system uptime.

SKF Explorer performance class bearings represent excellence in modern bearing design, tribology, metallurgy, lubrication and manufacturing. High purity steels and special heat treatment processes ensure optimum hardness, toughness and dimensional stability, while an advanced surface finish reduces friction and enhances the formation of a hydrodynamic lubrication film.

SKF Explorer bearings also benefit from optimised internal bearing geometry, which reduces friction, wear and heat generation while enabling heavier axial and/or radial loads to be carried. The rolling elements and cages achieve optimum load distribution within the bearing, reduced vibration and maximised lubricant effectiveness.

With the launch of its latest range, SKF has consolidated its Basic and SKF Explorer class bearings catalogue and simplified the product designation system, easing the process of bearing selection for customers.

*The C value is the bearing load that will result in an ISO 281 basic rating life of 1,000,000 revolutions.

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