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Launch of Atrato ultrasonic flow metering systems attracts global audience

Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter

Titan Enterprises reports that applicants from around the world recently entered its textbook prize draw competition marking the launch of its expanded range of Atrato ultrasonic flow metering systems.

Managing Director of Titan – Mr Trevor Forster commented “Applicants came from 29 different countries showing the global requirement for flow metering systems.  The prize draw winner, who would like to remain anonymous, works for an international medical company. I am sure the reference book “Flow Measurement” by Béla G. Lipták will be a valuable addition to his background resources”.  He added “The Atrato flowmeter is finding a lot of success measuring the low flows often found in medical applications and we are working on several OEM applications tailoring our patented ultrasonic technology for specific customer requirements”.

Applications highlighted by entrants to the draw covered the whole spectrum of flow measurement. The most arduous applications included metering liquid sodium coolant as well as monitoring multi-phase flow from an oil well.  On the interesting side – monitoring of seawater flow to a lobster production plant some 4 kilometers from the sea or metering hot water supplied at 200°C ranked amongst the most unusual.

The Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises is a true inline non-invasive flow meter without the contorted flow path and disadvantages of alternative designs. It can handle flows from laminar to turbulent and is therefore largely immune from viscosity. It also offers excellent turndown, linearity and repeatability. Available in 60°C and 110°C temperature versions and a 30 bar higher pressure model – Atrato flowmeters use patented “time-of-flight” ultrasonic technology that enables it to operate over very wide flow ranges (250:1) with excellent accuracy (better than ±1.0% of reading).

For further information please visit www.flowmeters.co.uk or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 / sales@flowmeters.com.

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