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LCR linear actuators automate light payloads in life science applications

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is launching a new series of miniature positioners for OEMs and system integrators in the life science sector. Pitched directly at manufacturers of laboratory equipment, medical equipment or instrumentation/metrology units, the family of Light Capacity Rodless (LCR) linear positioners are designed to automate payloads of up to 10 kg.

As an extension to the existing Parker Hannifin range of linear positioners, the LCR series provides a high quality, easy-to-use, off-the-shelf actuator available in a virtually unlimited array of standard configurations. The product can also be customised to meet very specific customer applications if required. Typical modifications might include special tool plates, mounts for third party motors or changes to the maximum height or length to accommodate space constraints.

With any “build-it-yourself” positioner, all the parts required to build a linear motion axis from scratch must be ordered, tracked, received, stored, assembled and tested. In contrast, the LCR series, which comprises leadscrew and long travel belt drive variants, is a completely pre-engineered, pre-tested, ready-to-use positioner solution that allows OEMs to reduce their time to market.

Rated for 100% duty cycle, the positioners offer smooth, quiet motion with selectable travel lengths up to 1000 mm and payloads up to 100 N. Typical application examples include analytical and diagnostics instruments, syringe pumps, liquid handling devices, micro-plate or slide handling, measuring equipment, material testing, microscopy, optics positioning and mass spectroscopy to name but a few.

Miniature is the optimum word with the new LCR series, which measures just 30 x 40 mm in cross-section, although 22 x 30 mm variants are available on request. Based on the proven life science track record of Parker’s MX80 and LP28 series, design features of the LCR range include an internal square rail or glider bearing (depending on application), an IP30 stainless steel strip seal, an attractive black anodised finish and an extruded aluminum body that incorporates dovetail mounting, T-slots and belt return.

Ease of installation is facilitated by the presence of a toe clamp mounting, dowel pin holes in the LCR30 carriage and adjustable home and limit switches. Furthermore, multiple motor mount options accommodate NEMA 8, 11, 17 and 23 steppers, and NEMA 16 servo motors.

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