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Leak-free Pumps for Gas Drying

pumps gas drying

All raw natural gas is fully saturated with water vapour. Most producers use glycols, typically Triethylene Glycol (TEG), to remove this water vapour from the gas stream. This prevents the formation of hydrates that cause freezing and blocking of pipelines and valves, reduces system corrosion and produces gas that meets pipeline quality standards.

Pressures in excess of 150 bar may be necessary in order to inject these treatment chemicals into the gas stream in the absorber tower. Hydra-Cell pumps from Wanner are being used increasingly for this application thanks to their seal-less design, controllability, long term, low maintenance durability and ability to meet the pressure and flow rate requirements.

The triplex plunger pumps, commonly used in this application, invariably leak through the packing around the plunger, as well as suffering from sticking check valves.

Having no seals, cups or packings, Hydra-Cell pumps are by design leak-free and able to handle any solid hydrates formed within the pipe work without suffering damaging wear. Users enjoy reduced operational and maintenance costs as well as zero emissions.

It is essential that the TEG flow be controlled, as over circulation is energy inefficient and permits more hydrocarbons to be absorbed along with the water vapour. Hydra-Cell’s exceptional controllability enables the pump to match the TEG flow precisely to the requirements of the variable gas stream, saving energy while maximising the hydrocarbon content of the treated gas.

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