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Level Measurement Transmitter Boasts Hygiene and Sanitation Certifications

Siemens UK & Ireland has enhanced its SITRANS LR250 transmitter for liquid level measurement to deliver greater hygiene and sanitation in food, beverage and life science production processes.

The LR250 pulse radar level transmitter offers continuous monitoring of liquids in storage and process vessels, including high temperatures, to a range of 20 metres.

The SITRANS solution is now available with a hygiene encapsulated antenna, which utilises a two wire 25GHz pulse radar level transmitter and boasts European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) approvals. The EHEDG certifications include EL Class 1, EL Class 1 Aseptic and 3-A, demonstrating its ability to meet stringent requirements in hygienic, sanitary and aseptic applications.

In addition, the LR250 with hygienic encapsulated antenna incorporates FDA and USP Class V1-approved materials, making it an ideal level measurement solution in pharmaceutical and chemical processes. It’s robust enough for use in corrosive or aggressive materials.

Installation is simple and a number of smaller process connections – as small as 2 inches – are available. It offers a flush mounted lens antenna, reducing build up and making the cleaning process easy.

Derek Moore, UK product level manager, Siemens UK & Ireland, comments: “The SITRANS LR250 has long been the first choice for liquid level measurement in storage and process vessels and these new enhancements make it easier for manufacturers to meet stringent hygiene and sanitary requirements. We’re committed to delivering the right level measurement technology to help meet the needs of those working across the industry, now and in the future, and the new LR250 with hygienic encapsulated antenna is helping us to do just that.”

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