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Lightweight Ex-protected LED Torchlight for Hazardous Gas and Dust Environments

Power management company Eaton has announced that its Crouse-Hinds division has extended its popular Stabex HF range of explosion-protected (Ex) torchlights to include a new compact, lightweight, high power-high efficiency LED torchlight.

The new Stabex HF LED high power torchlight is certified for use in hazardous gas (Zone 0, 1 and 2) and hazardous dust (Zone 21 and 22) environments to the latest European and international standards. Applications include a variety of safety, inspection, maintenance and control tasks in offshore and onshore oil & gas installations, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, flour mills/bakeries, sugar mills and emergency rescue services.

Compact and powerful, the Stabex HF LED torchlight is protected by an IP65 chemical-resistant enclosure and a mineral glass, scratchproof lens. The torchlight uses a high power 2W white LED as the light source, which provides excellent illumination while minimising energy consumption. In combination with the lens and reflector, the 2W LED light source generates a consistent luminous flux of 70 lumen, ensuring optimum illumination of work areas at all times.

“Occupational safety is a top priority, particularly if technicians need to inspect equipment located in potentially explosive atmospheres. For example, in order to safely inspect the interior of a storage tank that contains oil, chemicals or solvents, a suitable Ex-protected torchlight will be required. The Stabex HF LED torchlight provides the very latest high efficiency, high power LED lighting technology combined with the robustness, reliability and long operating life that customers have come to expect from a Crouse-Hinds product,” said Klaus Weyer, Product Line Manager Lighting, Crouse-Hinds division.

The Stabex HF LED torchlight benefits from an ergonomic, lightweight design. As well as providing grips on the torch housing, a wrist strap is also provided, ensuring comfortable, secure single-handed operation, even when work gloves are worn. In addition, the torchlight weighs in at just 0.29kg (without batteries), significantly less than other torchlights available on the market.

“As well as providing a longer service life of the lamp and LEDs, the LED technology used in the Stabex HF LED torchlight is also insensitive to vibration and shock. This means you don’t suffer from any damaged filaments and maintenance or bulb replacement are a thing of the past,” added Weyer.

Permissible ambient operating temperatures are from -20°C to +40°C. Two batteries provide a maximum operating life of 9 hours.

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