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Litre Meter Pelton Flow Meters Seals Long-term Supply Relationship & Givesstrategic Security For New Product Development

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UK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter has secured a new contract with a leading American manufacturer of precision agricultural spraying systems for meters to be used in a new range of high-tech equipment.

Litre Meter has been supplying flowmeter products for agricultural machinery for 40 years. The flowmeters are used in the delivery of chemicals and fertilizers in precision equipment that accurately delivers exact quantities via GPS-controlled machines.

The company is unable to name its customer for its latest contract because of the confidential nature of the current product development work.

Through a long-established customer relationship Litre Meter has been able to react over time to its customer”s needs, providing long-term support for spares and rigorous testing regimes in support of new product development.

The business has been based on the supply and continued development of Litre Meter”s Pelton Wheel flowmeters. These meters are accurate and versatile and can be used to measure a variety of low viscosity materials at both low and high flow rates.

Litre Meter”s standard LM220 meter has a flow range of 0.1 to 28 litres per minute (l/min) and is pressure rated to 2 bar at 70°C. The meter also has a +/- 2 per cent accuracy and +/- 0.2 per cent repeatability over the top 90 per cent of its range. For this customer a custom version was developed with the following upgrades:

  • All welded stainless steel construction
  • 0.25 inch male NPT threads
  • Reduced frequency output (internal divide by 10 function)
  • 30 bar pressure rating
  • 5V DC operation
  • Tropical testing

Testing regimes included heat soaking the flowmeter and its housing at 85°C for two hours followed by immersion in two feet of water for a further two hours to test for fluid ingress. The meters were extensively redesigned to meet the standards of these tests.

LM Pelton Wheel flowmeters use a single-size, straight bladed rotor manufactured from chemically resistant PFA with sapphire bearings. These bearings run in hemispherical sapphire bearing cups which form a ‘floating”, low friction, precise unit. The motion of sealed ferrites mounted within the tips of the rotor is monitored and read by a bespoke sensor.

“This is a perfect example of our ability to custom-build flowmeters for specific applications,” said Litre Meter CEO Charles Wemyss.

“By taking one of our standard flowmeter products we were able to re-engineer it to meet specific end user requirements, particularly in terms of its housing, seals, connections, flow rates and pressure.”

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