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Long Arm Reach Robot with 7kg Payload

6-axis robot of the VS H2O2/UV series is capable of moving up to seven kilograms / Special aluminium surface protects robot from contamination and residue.  

DENSO Robotics, the worldwide market leader for compact robots, has launched a new robot for sterile working conditions, a particularly challenging environment, which can mainly be found in the medical, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. The VS-087-S2 is the latest innovation in the revolutionary VS H2O2/UV series introduced earlier this year. The new robot convinces with a number of special features including a payload of up to seven kilograms and an arm reach of up to 905 millimetres, which increases the robot’s power to a much higher level than those of the VS-050-S2. This was the first product of the new series.

The VS-087-S2 is equipped with a special surface that is resistant against sterilisation methods with H2O2 and UV light and a completely internal wiring that goes up to the robot’s 6th axis. It also features an innovative design with soft and round forms, so no residue and dirt can accumulate on the robot. “The VS-087-S2 is the perfect solution for all customers that need a robot for handling tasks such as sorting, portioning, processing, inspection, measuring and packing”, DENSO Robotics Europe’s Marketing Manager Alvaro Cruz Lerma explains. „The increased payload and arm reach make it extremely flexible.“

The state-of-the-art robot can be installed at the bottom but also on walls and roofs. It is also applicable with the very strict ISO 5 clean room class. The VS-087-S2 has a shiny aluminium surface; a helpful feature that ensures smooth cleaning and makes it easy to spot dirt particles. The round design pre`vents the accumulation of bacteria in hard-to-reach areas or on square surfaces. The absence of visible screws limits the settling of bacteria and dirt as well.

It is characteristic for DENSO to provide a complete internal wiring, which prevents both tangling and destroying wires through strong cleaning chemicals. It also ensures that grippers and other devices can connect directly to the robot’s flange by using a so-called “communication flange”. Connecting the robot at the bottom allows all cables to be sealed inside, thus keeping all bacteria out. Special optional features of the robot are also an external battery unit for the robot’s motor encoders that can be placed outside the clean room environment, therefore preventing contamination, as well as the option of an external brake release unit for the robot’s axes.

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