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Low Temperature Direct Operated Solenoid Valve & Filter Regulator

– Complete ASCO´s Range of Solenoid Valves and Air Preparation Products for Arctic Environments

ASCO´s offering of low temperature solutions for actuator control can be used in temperatures down to -60°C.With a trend towards the exploitation of oil reserves in harsh environments, the requirement for actuator controls that can cope with extremely low temperatures has increased.  The launch of a low temperature version of ASCO´s direct operated solenoid valve and stainless steel Filter Regulator  now sees a complete range of low temperature products available from one supplier.  Suitable for use in temperatures down to -60°C, the range includes a direct operated 3/2 solenoid valve, a 3/2 – 5/2 solenoid operated spool valve and a selection of Filters and Filter Regulators.

»In order to exploit oil and gas reserves that are located in extreme environments our customers are looking for a range of low temperature products to control their actuators.» Said Peter Evans, ASCO´s Business Development Director for the process industries.  »Each of our low temperature products have been designed and rigorously tested to overcome our customers´ needs associated with these environments ».

Available for use down to -60°C are a robust stainless steel Filter Regulator and a proven in use direct operated solenoid valve, used to control the opening or closing of spring return actuators.  Offering reliable operation down to -40°C is a compact aluminium solenoid operated spool valve which could be used on spring return or double acting actuators, and an aluminium Filter, Regulator, Lubricator – which also features one of the highest flow rates on the market . The aluminium FRL is available down to -40ºC as an option.

Products for the process industry feature key global certifications, which among others include ATEX, SIL, IECEx and CUTR for use in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

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