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Company Magazine Focusses on Solutions for Industrial Welding Productivity

Total System Performance

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announces the release of the Summer 2015 issue of Launch, a new magazine that presents ESAB’s new products and systems solutions for industry. Launch showcases ESAB branded systems and product combinations that work together to optimise performance and profitability – a Total System Performance approach. ESAB bundled solutions improve productivity, performance and profitability while lowering total cost of ownership.

“Launch magazine does more than highlight new products across our entire family of brands, it demonstrates how these products can be integrated into a complete solution that not only meets the customer’s specific needs but offers unmatched cost and performance benefits,” says Ken Konopa, ESAB’s Vice President of Marketing & Product Development.

The Summer 2015 issue of Launch features 20 pages of ESAB’s latest solutions. Included in the magazine’s premiere issue are solutions for industrial welding productivity featuring a multi-process welding system with new wire feeder options, a complete welding package with advanced process capabilities for high volume applications. Also detailed is a new series of manual plasma cutters designed to deliver portability, more power per pound and more punch for cutting thicker materials, as well as cutting automation solutions for smaller shops and first-time automation users.

Launch magazine is available for download at www.esab.co.uk.  For a printed copy of the magazine, please contact 0800 389 3152 or info@esab.co.uk.

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