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New Maintenance Care Service Plans and Warranty Programme Protects People and Assets

Essential, Plus and Premium plans let customers choose the level of service they need

The new Cosasco® Care programme ensures customers receive enhanced maintenance, training and support, and data management necessary to streamline operational efficiency while protecting against injury and damage to equipment.

Cosasco Care is available in Essential, Plus and Premium plans, which offer varying levels of service and support for customers’ specific requirements. All plans include access to the Cosasco SAFR (Surveyed Access Fitting Register) maintenance programme; offline installation, retrieval and maintenance of coupons and probes; coupon analysis and reporting; technical support; Cosasco Data Offline software support; data management and reporting; and safety awareness training.

The Plus plan also includes microbiological data collection, as well as online installation, retrieval and maintenance of coupons and probes. The Premium plan adds Cosasco Data Online support, as well as commissioning and system health check support of IIU/ICMS3 servers and online equipment to the list of available services.

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